Audio and video are the modern and  effective means to keep in touch with friends, colleagues, clients  and customers. Virtually everyone can access the social media platforms such  as  Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, plus watching  video and audio content on  YouTube and other platforms such  as Vimeo are more and more popular ways to get your ideas, products and services  out  there.


The problem is that with so many viewers  and listeners, if yours is poorly produced and arranged, people do not engage.  So many Youtube videos are really terrible, when they  do not  need to be. In the current difficult times, we have all become expert at watching how the quality of TV varies so much.


We can make sure you look  and  sound professional, so people want to watch to the end. How do we do this?


Firstly, make sure you sound good. Sometimes a little help is needed here, but we can always do it. Secondly, you need to look good. If you are a professional business, you need to look like one - so we'll sort out suitable backgrounds and furntiture. Our  studio cameras have autocue if required, so you can be word perfect and  look more professional. If you need a news look, or a pop video look with beams of light and moving patterns it can be done, or we can create a talking head look - with important images or data in  the  background.


We also appreciate that businesses tend to want to do  this during the  day, but  others prefer to work in the evenings. We're very flexible and can  arrange recording  times to suit.


For music products, we can shoot in our studio, or at large venues.




We appreciate your budgets are tight - we have large amounts of equipment in stock, and we hire much of it out - but for our video productions, if it's in stock and available, we don't charge for this - just the time it takes to produce the product for  you. For those new to audio and video production, it's often a shock to discover a 3 minute presentation can take many hours to record, then further time to edit. It is not uncommon for complicated things  to go smoothly and quickly yet seemingly simple things take far longer. As a guide, our record for capturing 2 minutes 30 seconds of information about  a washing  machine, was nearly four hours. The reason was nerves. If the prospect of being in front of the camera is a barrier, don't fight it. Your video is not the place to learn how to do it if you are paying for the time in the studio. We can supply male and female presenters who will happily present  your information, and do it quickly and effectively, and it will be more cost effective.


With proper planning, the entire production process can be compact, and this reflects in  the price. For  simple projects, shoot in the morning, edit in the afternoon and have the end  product by  the end of the day - for less than  £250 plus VAT. The better your planning, the lower the final cost. We will happily talk through  your ideas, and once we get an idea of the complexity, we can translate that into time, and a final guide price. Clients always have 'Good Ideas' half way though, so remember this is NOT the best time to have to start  again.


We also keep our clients old projects so we can revisit and update them when  new services or specifications  become available, which also keeps time, and reduces costs.


To assist with budgeting we  can also offer music that won't get you into trouble with the  copyright authorities who are getting very good at locating music on the internet that has not been cleared.



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